is a one stop online store or platform where all certified diabetic food, drinks and natural drugs basically produced by DR.PHYSIQ WELLNESS CENTER.

We do our research based on what works for our clients and all household across the globe. Due to our distinctive effort in total reversal of diabetes type 1&2,we have decided to combine our knowledge of Lifestyle Medicine and modification, integrative medical practices and orthodox medicine to derive our goal in successfully reversed diabetes to a normal and natural level of sugar in our blood as human, no matter your age, the duration of the ailment.

DR.SUSAN ADAMS is the chief executive officer and founder of SHOPWELLDIABETES,DR.PHYSIQ WELLNESS CENTER & DIABETICSCURE ,a certified trained Harvard  medical doctor, a pharmacist, a lifestyle medical expert. She is a passionate physician with exceptional medical practices, haven’t grown and experienced what Diabetes is as a child in her family. Her aim is to make sure diabetes is completely reversed, not just to manage diabetes but a total cure.

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